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EMF Protection T-Shirts
10GHz Shielding Cell Tower Mobile Laptop RF EMF Radiation Protection T-shirt

10GHz Shielding Cell Tower Mobile Laptop RF EMF Radiation Protection T-shirt

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Category : EMF Protection T-Shirts

introduction: Patented silver fiber textile technology provides a new solution for daily electromagnetic field protection. The clothes made of the silver fiber can not only meet the wearing requirements, but also provide reliable radiation protection capabilities on this basis.

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1. EMF PROTECTION. Guards your body against EMF’s whilst remaining stylish. Allows you to protect on the go whilst remaining inconspicuous.

2. Over 99% SHIELDING EFFICIENCY. Over 28dB of shielding efficiency in the frequency 30MHz to 10GHz, you can rest assured that this T-shirt is protecting you.

3. 42% Silver Fiber; 53% Cotton; 5% Nylon.

4. PROTECTS AGAINST WIFI & CELLPHONE RADIATION. Proven protection against the radiation given off the WiFi, cellphones and other wireless devices.

5. MADE IN CHINA AND PROVIDE OEM SERVICE. Made from high quality fabrics in China. We have been working in the field of EMF's and activley developing products since 2008. OEM service could be offered and can custom the clothes as your design and logo.

6. WASHABLE. This T-shirt can be washed on a gentle cycle up to 30 times without loosing any shielding efficieny. It can be washed many more times after that but will begin to loose some of the shielding. Please refer to the washing instrucations to incease its life time.