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32μ EMI Shielding Copper Foil Tape With Conductive Adhesive

32μ EMI Shielding Copper Foil Tape With Conductive Adhesive

Code : HT-CU32S

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Copper foil tape is water proof and heat resistant, can shield the electromagnetic interference between the wires, Screens, transformers , electronics, etc to make sure the devices works normally. Used in the electronic devices to protect human body from being damaged by the radiation, also could help the static rapidly discharging to avoid the damage of static.

  • Product Details

The copper foil tape is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has good adhesion, strong adhesion and anti-aging effects. The insulation performance is greatly improved. The copper foil tape is matched with the joint of the left and right aluminum foil composite materials, and the sealing of the heat-insulating puncture and the repair of the damaged portion. It is the main raw and auxiliary materials for refrigerators and freezers, and it is also the raw material for the insulation materials distribution department. This product is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries.

It can be used in places where electromagnetic shielding is required for various electronic products such as PDA, PDP, LCD display, notebook computer, and copier. It is used to wrap the steam pipe to prevent the temperature from being lost. Non-conductive copper foil tape use and description: instead of enameled wire, all kinds of transformer shielding. The purity is higher than 99.95%. Its function is to eliminate electromagnetic EMI interference, to isolate the electromagnetic wave from harming the human body, and to avoid the need for voltage and current to affect the function. In addition, it has a good effect on static discharge after grounding. Made of multi-lipid fiber, it is not easy to crack and damage after repeated use or multiple bending. It has strong adhesive force and good electrical conductivity. It can be easily wound on the wire and can be cut into various specifications according to customer requirements.


Product Name

Copper Foil Tape


Copper Foil + Pressure Sensitive Adhesive + Release Paper




380 mm Or Custom


50 m

Copper Foil Thickness

0.032 mm


EMI Shielding, Conductive, Anti Static, Radiation Shielding, Waterproof


SGS, ISO9001, RoHS

Delivery Time

3 Working Days For Samples; 10 Working Days For Mass Production Usually

Packaging Details

Roll + Stretch Film + Carton

Usage Of Copper Foil Tape:

It is widely used in computer monitors, computer peripheral wire and transformer manufacturing, central air conditioning pipelines, smoking machines, refrigerators, water heaters, etc., and also used in precision electronic products, computer equipment, wires, cables, etc.; When transmitting in frequency, it can isolate electromagnetic interference and resist high temperature to prevent spontaneous combustion.