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Huntoo RFID Shielding: Your Safety is a Priority

Date: Jan 05,2021 Views: 2538

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which is a special material that blocks radio waves. RFID fabric has brought about a revolution in the textile industry. It is one of the widely used technologies of all time.

RFID fabric protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays, direct sun rays and production of various harmful particles. When your safety is concerned, trust only the best company in the market which is the ShenZhen Huntoo Technology Co., Ltd. This is a China-based certified company which excels in the manufacturing of RFID shielding.

What are the materials used for RFID material?

The RFID fabric is made from aluminium and alloy nickel, copper and some other metals. The most vital role is played by aluminium to form this fabric. Depending on your needs you can select any colour combination and type of this blocking material.

Different types of fabric manufactured by Hontoo Technologies.

There are a wide range of RFID Fabric to choose from, some of them are listed below.

       RFID Protection Fabric

       Plain Shape RFID Conductive Fabric

       RFID Signal Blocking Lining Anti-Radiation Fabric

       Plain Shape RFID Blocking Cloth

       Diamond Shape RFID Blocking Copper Nickel Fabric

       Diamond Shape Anti-Radiation Fabric

       EMF Protection Fabric

       Electromagnetic Shielding Fabric

       Black Coating EMF Shielding Fabric

       Anti-oxidation Nickel Copper Fabric

       Nickel-Copper Fabric with double side Anti-oxidation coating

       Double Black Coating RFID Shielding Fabric

Why should you choose Hontoo Technologies?

The factors that make Hontoo Technologies the best among all others are given below:

       They deliver supreme products which are made from quality raw materials.

       Their finished products undergo quality assurance tests.

       Their products are delivered to their customers very punctually and safely.

       They make use of advanced machines and tools in the manufacturing process.

       Customers can request for customized products along with some added features.

No other company produces RFID Fabric better than Hontoo Technologies. Their products are very affordable and high quality at the same time and perfect for everybody.

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