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Should You Wear EMF Protection Clothing?

Date: Jan 10,2020 Views: 861

Problems With EMF Protection Clothing

First of all, when you’re thinking about shielding against a source of EMF radiation, like a smart meter, you need some sort of methodology in order to know how effective of a job you are doing.

Usually, this is done with a quality EMF meter like the new TriField TF2 (read my review) and getting a reading. Then you provide some sort of shielding, take readings again, then ground the protection if necessary, then test again and so on until the readings are where you want them.

This type of testing method is tough to do with clothing, so it’s harder to know how much protection it is actually providing.

Another issue is that some of the products (read reviews, super important) are not very comfortable. Typically these clothes have to have a high amount of metal, often silver, in them in order to provide any type of clothing, which is not always comfortable.

Dangers Of EMF Protection Clothing
I would say that the biggest danger of this type of clothing is that people will believe they are completely protected, and not make the other good decisions that people should when they are concerned about EMF radiation protection.

Just because you are wearing a piece of EMF protection clothing, certainly doesn’t mean that you are perfectly safe. In my opinion, you would probably be best off just using good practices and reducing your overall exposure, and using clothing items like these for specific needs, like maternity protection.

If it were me, I would start by reducing the sources of EMF radiation around your house. start by reading through a few of these other EMF Academy articles for great tips and guides on this.

So, Should You Wear EMF Protection Clothing?
I think this completely depends on the person and the need. As I’ve talked about, I think some products like maternity clothing from reputable companies can be really smart and helpful, and some products like the ball cap probably aren’t what you need. Overall I would say that no matter what you decide to do or purchase, just make sure that you’re doing other smart things to reduce your overall exposure to EMF radiation.

I truly hope you enjoyed my article: “Radiation Shielding Clothing – Does It Really Work?” If you did, please consider sharing!

EMF Protection Clothing

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