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Anti-Radiation Fabric
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RFID Blocking Radiation Protection Sea Blue silver fabric

RFID Blocking Radiation Protection Sea Blue silver fabric

Code : HT-YSSP-004

Category : Anti-Radiation Fabric


Silver ions could maintain the balance of secretion in the body and improve the body's immunity.

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RFID Blocking Radiation Protection Sea Blue silver fabric

    Silver fiber fabric is a high-tech product, which is obtained by bonding a metallic silver layer to the surface of a fiber permanently through a special technique. This structure not only keeps the silver fiber with the original textile properties, but also makes this fabric almost have all the magical function of silver.



 Surface:100% Polyester; 

 Base: 75% Silver Fiber + 25% Nylon


 105  g/m²


 1450 mm 


 Ivory White, Light purple, Gloss Purple, Sea Blue, Navy Blue, Rubber Red

 Surface Resisitance

 ≤0.05 Ω/m²

 Shielding Effectiveness

 10MHz to 3GHz (≥46.5dB)


 Antibacterial, anti-radiation, smooth, washable, deodorant,  conductive, RFID blocking, EMF shielding, EMI shielding, etc.


 Radiation protection suits, antibacterial home clothes, home textile products,touch screen gloves, bedding, sports clothes, children & baby clothes, shielding bags, radiation curtains, etc.

 Wash Instruction

 Hand wash with neutral detergent & water temperature under 30 ℃.

 Do not bleach and machine wash.

 Hang dry in the shade.


Feature of Anti Radiation Fabric


Application of Anti Radiation Fabric

Know More about Electromagnetic Waves:


    The damage of Electromagnetic waves to the human body 

    1. Leading to dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and neurasthenia syndrome. 

    2. Causing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, autonomic dysfunction. 

    3. The harm on pregnant women: abortion, fetal malformations, chromosome aberrations, etc.

    4. Causing women's menstrual cycle disorder; male sexual function decline, hair loss or grey hair.

    5. Leading to leukemia (especially harmful to children), cancer, tumors, and to harm body's immune system.

Why do we need to use Anti Radiation Fabric?

    The radiation shielding fabric will not only ensures high content of silver fiber can meet perfect electromagnetic wave shielding effect, but also solves the problem that radiation protection silver fiber fabric will be prone to oxidative discoloration in the air for a long time, not affect the apperance. 

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Wash Instructions

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