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Rfid Fabric – Taking Protection To The Next Level

Date: Oct 05,2020 Views: 991

The radio frequency identification or RFID is a technology used to tag assets and inventories across a cross-section of industries. Though it is very useful, yet in certain areas like credit and debit cards they can lead to dangerous consequences, if not protected properly. The cards can be hacked using RFID readers from a distance up to 20 meters and even the hacker might not be in the direct line of sight of the cardholder.

The Shenzhen Huntoo Technology Co. Ltd

Shenzhen Huntoo Technology Co. Ltd deals with a revolutionary product that can protect the radio waves from transmitting out of the cards. Thus the information cannot be accessed by the RFID card readers. The RFID blocking fabric produced by this company comes in different colors and fabric types and is considered more than 99% safe for blocking RFID.

Advantages of RFID blocking fabric

The RFID fabric is high-quality, can be delivered on time by the company, and also can be tailored according to the wish of the customer. The fabric though looks like normal fabric, yet come with a lot of features like:-

  • Blocking Radio waves.

  • Blocking UV rays.

  • Blocking signals.

  • Protecting cards from cloning.

Materials used for RFID blocking fabric

The main material used in the production of this RFID blocking fabric is aluminum, which is used in the form of a foil to block RFID. However, alloy nickel, copper, and other metals are also taken into consideration while making this fabric. The exclusive range of this fabric come in two types:-

  • Conductive Copper-nickel fabric.

  • Conductive Non-woven fabric.

Product range

The website shows about 25 such materials and some of them are:-

  • Plain shape RFID conductive fabric.

  • Plain shape RFID blocking cloth.

  • Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Radiation Blocking Fabric RFID fabric Lining.

  • Black coated electrically conductive fabric.

  • Black coating EMF shielding Materials

  • Anti-oxidation nickel-copper fabric.

The Shenzhen Huntoo Technology Co. Ltd founded in 2015 has an excellent and professional team that is not only into anti-RFID material production but also into consumer electronics, radiation protection, electronic shielding, and many other domains. With a customer-driven attitude and a huge range to choose from they are quite ahead of their competitors and thus have already created a place in the hearts of the customers worldwide.

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