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The Emporers Of The Rfid Blocking Material Producers – Huntoo Rfid Shielding

Date: Oct 05,2020 Views: 1441

RFID or radio frequency identification is a non-contact wireless technology by the use of radio frequency of electromagnetic waves to transfer data. The data transfer can happen from RFID cards or material having RFID embedded in them when they come in contact with an RFID reader. The RFID is very useful in tagging inventory and assets uniquely and can be read through readers from a few centimeters to approximately 20 mts at times.

Advantages of RFID technology

The RFID technology is useful in industries like

  • Assets tracking across various industries

  • Supply chain management

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Tolling

  • Access control

  • Vehicle tracking and a lot more

Despite all these advantages, there are quite a few disadvantages also, and the main being security and protection of personal data and transparency. The debit and credit cards are quite vulnerable in this respect and they can be easily hacked by someone having a reader, even though the hacker might not be in the direct line of sight of the person getting robbed.

To combat this, blocking material is being used to protect people from losing on to their confidential data. The material is usually made from a combination of aluminum and copper, though metals like Mu-metal or Tyvek which have high malleability are also used.

Huntoo RFID Shielding

RFID blocking material is one of those revolutionary inventions which has brought in much hope among everyone. Huntoo RFID Shielding- the online wing of Shenzhen Huntoo Technologies has come up with a wide range of these RFID blocking fabric in different colors and types. They provide more 99% protection from hacking and cloning and also get them delivered to the address quite quickly. Aluminum is used as the main product in this fabric as a foil coupled with alloy nickel, copper, and few other metals. The fabric comes in two types:-

  • Conductive copper-nickel Fabric

  • Conductive non-woven Fabric

They are also into RFID card holders which come in around 15 different types and give protection from hacking and cloning apart from many other features.

The company was founded in 2015 and is located in Guangming New District, Shenzhen, having ISO9001 quality certification. They believe in an ideology of mutual benefit and sincere cooperation which has made them favorite among their clients.

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